Fespaco 2023 : Special TV Show

Fespaco 2023 : Special TV Show

Dear faithful followers and viewers

Welcome to our special TV Show on the 2023 edition of the Pan-African Film Festival in Ouagadougou!

At the heart of the debates and opinions of specialists and lovers of African Cinema, our program presents you the main lines and the essence of what will be said and discussed, before, during and even after the film festivities!

You are on the right channel, do not zap!

If there is one aspect that disturbs and embarrasses today the festivalgoers who are about to corne to Ouagadougou, it is the security issue. Indeed, this word is suspended on ail lips a few days before the opening of FESPACO 2023. To learn more about this issue and reassure everyone, we met with the General Delegate of Fespaco who, during our interview was very convincing.

To the question of knowing the content of bis message to ail international festival goes and diaspora who are still hesitating to participate in this 28th edition because of the security issue, here is in substance what Mr. Alex Moussa SAWADOGO shared with our editorial staff.

From the outset, be pointed out the legendary resilience shown by the organization ovlthe past fifty-tree (53) three years of existence given to the Pan-African Festival in Ouagadougou. In all its history, one could blame it for only a single strategic postponement of date and thanks to which besides, it ended up with a success of this edition by facing a double crisis. This resilience is not always • on the pathway of other prestigious festivals in the world.

For him, organizing an event of such magnitude as FESPACO and in such a context means that there has been prior reflection, consultation, brainstorming between bis team, the ministry and the higher authority. If the authorities take the decision to hold the bet, it is because they are aware of the situation and they are ready to put double efforts in order to succeed the edition and ensure the minimum which is the safety of more than 6,000 festival-goers.

Organizing the FESPACO in the current context is to ensure that producers, creators, directors and all men of culture who will be present at the festival can speak with one voice, exchange on a territory that is suffering and needs support. It is also to prove to the world that Burkina Faso is not the country where you can easily take your pencil and color the whole country map all in red. Burkina Faso is better than that! It is full of intelligent women and men, capable of overcoming challenges. Finally, it is to show the world that together, we will win the war against the enemy.

In return, it is a hospitality and a big thank you from the authorities, a pledge of national recognition that will be to the honor of all those who will have shone for their support.

And it is on this note that we close this program by joining our voice to that of the General Delegate of FESPACO to make a warm and convinced call to all festival-goers to be present from February 25th to March 4th at this biannual Rendez-Vous in the capital of Cinema, Ouagadougou!

See you soon for another TV Show, in the heart of art and culture.

Eldaa Rayimwendé KOAMA

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